Help Clean Up The Bay

Click to visit our Meetup page!
Click to visit our Meetup page!

Our Mission:

To improve Toronto’s shorelines for ourselves and others; to spend time in nature; to renew our love of this lakeshore city.

Paddling + Cleanup = Bliss!

We are gifted in Toronto with some of the world’s cleanest urban freshwater.  Thousands of us enjoy sailing, paddling, and swimming within a short distance from our homes.

What if we could make it even better?

And have fun doing what we love – enjoying the outdoors – at the same time?

Let’s tidy up the bay.

The Details: 

Who: Join John and friends – look for John’s red and white canoe or red and white kayak.  John is a local nature enthusiast and outdoors junkie.

When: Every Tuesday night and Saturday morning.  On Tuesdays, we meet around 6:00 pm, paddle across the bay (about a 20 minute paddle), clean for about an hour, then return.  On Saturday mornings, we meet at 9:00 am and do the same.

What You’ll Need:  We will supply the gloves and garbage bags – you bring your enthusiasm and a canoe or kayak (and a PFD and any other safety equipment you might need.)

(Yes, we want to clean up the bay – this requires getting on the water to harder-to-reach shorelines.  We might devote an evening or two to cleaning up the Cherry Beach shoreline, but there are more pressing areas to visit and nurture – and these areas are accessible by boat).

Ideally, you’ll be comfortable getting your feet wet.

I have an extra spot in my canoe – if you’d like to sit up front, you’re most welcome to RSVP to one of the meetups here.

What You’ll Get Out of It:  Two things: first, a really cool experience paddling in a wonderful part of the world, connecting with nature; second, the rewards that come with making the world a cleaner, more beautiful place, a few square feet at a time.

Where: We will meet at Cherry Beach, the west lot near the dog park.  There’s a picnic bench and bike rack where any interested folks meet.  You can look for the sign!

Map of Meeting Spot: